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Are these negative perspectives common in your business?

Leadership Attitudes

Success is defined strictly by the numbers.
You must be a “tough guy” to earn respect and make things happen.
Showing emotions and being vulnerable is a sign of weakness.
I’m the only person smart enough to make the decisions.
Employee Attitudes
An absence of trust in their leaders and each other.
A lack of commitment to company goals or decisions made.
Inattention to results due to not feeling part of the team.
Unable to be vulnerable, admit mistakes, ask for help, or be open to feedback.

These are all signs of a dysfunctional organization.

Left unchecked, they could create dissatisfaction and chaos inside your company!

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Who is Brian Moak?

And what makes him so extraordinary?

Brian Moak is a leader and a visionary who transforms every challenge into a stepping stone for success.

As the CEO and the driving force behind Heart Certified Auto Care and leader of several other companies in various industries, Brian is a champion of inclusive and empathetic leadership.

His journey as an openly gay business leader to become a renowned business strategist is a testament to his unwavering commitment to authenticity and excellence.

For Brian, effective leadership must include empathy, connection, and authentic engagement with teams and individuals. Brian believes in leading by example and fostering a culture of respect, innovation, and continuous growth.

Brian Moak on Stage

A Speaker who Inspires and Transforms

Brian is not just a leader; but also a storyteller and inspiring speaker. His keynotes are a journey through his experiences, offering audiences a blend of personal anecdotes and professional insights.

He speaks on topics ranging from leadership and resilience to diversity and business innovation, captivating audiences with his authenticity and wisdom.

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Gain Strategic Insights From a Seasoned Entrepreneur

Brian Moak offers personalized solutions to your unique business challenges. His approach extends beyond the confines of traditional leadership, advocating for a workplace culture that values each individual’s contribution.

Take the opportunity to leverage Brian’s extensive experience in business strategy and growth to bring your team together and ‘level up’ your organization to new heights.

“Live to your potential. Define the outcome that you want. Build towards and achieve that outcome in a way that BRINGS OTHERS ALONG.”

— Brian Moak

Which scenario would you choose for your organization?

Top-down leadership where you’re leading by controlling everything and making all the decisions. Vulnerability and open communication are frowned upon.
Your employees fear admitting mistakes, asking for help, or receiving feedback.
Morale remains low, employee turnover is high, and company productivity drops lower every year.
Bottom-up leadership where you lead by example with authenticity and vulnerability. This leads to sparking good ideas and innovations from your employees.
Your employees are committed to company decisions made collectively with management and feel part of the team.
In turn, your business’s sales and profits take off, and everyone prospers.

Life is a sum total of all the choices you make

— Brian Moak

It’s your choice now

Do you want to continue ‘business as usual’ with people stuck in their self-created silos, afraid to speak out and grow?

Or do you want to open the door to new possibilities? Imagine leading happy employees who love expressing themselves and are excited to try new ways and methods of doing things better, creating more business and success for your enterprise.

Brian Moak’s tales of resilience and courage don’t just tell a story. They inspire a movement to change cultures inside organizations for the better.

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