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A Heart-Led Entrepreneur, Authentic Leader, and Community Trailblazer


As the visionary owner of HEART Certified Auto Care and a multifaceted entrepreneur, Brian Moak’s life story is one of courage, authenticity, and relentless commitment to excellence.


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Brian Moak

Brian Moak goes beyond traditional speaking, providing an authentic and empathetic voice that resonates with today’s evolving business needs.


Brian’s journey as an openly gay business leader is one marked by unique challenges and groundbreaking experiences. Through it all, he has not only survived but thrived, emerging as a successful entrepreneur. His tales of resilience and courage don’t just tell a story – they inspire a movement.


With Brian Moak on stage, your team will gain a fresh perspective on personal growth and career progression. More than a speaker, Brian is a catalyst for change, sparking motivation and empowering your people. Let Brian Moak help you leave a lasting impression at your next event.

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Brian Moak is a seasoned media expert known for elevating professional speaking, branding, image, and media presence. With decades of experience, he provides personalized strategies, amplifies unique strengths, and helps individuals and businesses succeed in the competitive world of media and communication. Brian’s commitment to his clients’ success makes him a trusted partner in achieving next-level results.

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A devoted father and son, CEO, and thriving as an openly gay man building a community on my own terms. I leverage my proven HEART framework to rapidly grow audiences and establish sustainable purpose-driven ventures. I’m here to help you do the same.

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