Unlock the Secrets of Empathic Leadership with Brian Moak
The best leaders surround themselves with people who are smarter than you.
A Heart-Led Entrepreneur, Authentic Leader, and Community Trailblazer
As the visionary owner of HEART Certified Auto Care and a multifaceted entrepreneur, my life story is one of courage, authenticity, and relentless commitment to excellence.
I am not just a speaker; I am an experience. As a visionary entrepreneur and a vanguard of empathetic leadership, my goal is to always bring a wealth of insight and inspiration to every stage. My speeches are a blend of personal stories, professional wisdom, and transformative ideas aiming to resonate with each and every audience member. I, Brian Moak, am more than just words on a stage – I am a catalyst for change and growth.
A Leader Who Listens, Understands, and Acts


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BRIAN MOAK IS A Visionary Leader. Empathetic Innovator. Community Advocate.
AIMING TO Inspire, Empower, Transform

a leader who speaks from the heart

Why Brian
Make a Mark at Your Next Event
why Brian Moak as Your Next Speaker?
Hiring Brian Moak as your next keynote speaker is a decision that promises to inspire, motivate, and challenge your audience. Brian brings an innovative approach to leadership, combining empathy and authenticity in a way that resonates with today’s evolving business landscape.
As an openly gay business leader, he has faced unique challenges and experiences that have shaped him into the successful entrepreneur he is today. His stories of resilience and courage will no doubt inspire your team, giving them a fresh perspective on personal and professional growth.
Brian Moak’s Triad of Leadership: Empathy, Inclusivity, and Authenticity
Transforming leadership with the power of empathy.
Brian Moak is revolutionizing the concept of leadership by incorporating empathy at its core. His approach demonstrates how understanding and compassion can drive success and foster a positive workplace culture.
Creating inclusive spaces in the corporate world.
As a champion of inclusivity, Brian Moak’s leadership style is a testament to the importance of creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all employees and customers.
Leading by example with genuine authenticity.
Brian Moak embodies the essence of authentic leadership, showing how true success comes from being honest and true to oneself and others.
At the core of Brian’s leadership style is his innate ability to deeply connect with people from all walks of life.
Are you interested in having
BRIAN MOAK on your next event?
Are you interested in having
BRIAN MOAK on your next event?
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